Street in Guatemala: Day Three

Today was a busy day. After breakfast, one of us had a surfing lesson. Then we went to the Buena Vista Biblioteca to help prepare to teach local kids. We made word finds and spelling practices. We even got a chance to talk to some curious kids. After preparing we got the opportunity to ask the teachers some questions and then went to lunch. Interacting with and teaching the kids was exciting and interesting.






I really loved talking to the kids, especially the little ones. They would get so excited after solving a problem. Their laughter and close relationships were adorable.


I would like to learn more about these situations around the world. Education is different around the world, in different countries. It is amazing how much learning can make you feel.  It can truly improve our global citizenship.



All the experiences here really make us appreciate more. I appreciate my education, access to prepared food, and the cleanliness of my home community. Everything we learn and do is very interesting. And we would all love to learn more.

By Ella Smith-Ginnette