Street Academy Students Honored by Flower Heritage Foundation

The OEZSA Urban Arts Class participated in the “Don’t Turn Your Back on AIDS” Art Competition. DTYBOA provides an interactive environment where high school students learn the imperative information regarding HIV risk and prevention.

All the placing artists were invited to an Art Exhibition and award ceremony at the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland.  The event allowed students/teachers to meet one another and appreciate each others artwork.  Students art was auctioned to raise funds for the DTYBOA and people affected and infected with disease.

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“This project was a great way to teach the youth art, and raise awareness on a sensitive issue affecting so many people.”

– Francisco Sanchez, Urban Arts Instructor


Ahiezer Reyes  

                  Ahiezer Reyes,  “The end of the road can be AIDS”


Eric James

Eric James, “Oakland, You Decide”