Street Academy goes to Guatemala! Day Two

Day Two: Social Enterprise!

By Toni Bazalaki


After another early wake up call and a beautiful breakfast, it was off to the turtle sanctuary for us girls! We learned how to be realistic when it came to the structure of social enterprise and came to the conclusion that not all is fair when it comes to the structure of profitting organizations.

There was no way to know just how far the impact of today’s lesson would go. To learn about the lack of credit and overall benefits labor workers get was mind blowing. Production is a hard business and every product has a background. Not one product would exist without the chain of demand. You should look at everything you have in your possession and ask yourself just how much it is actually worth. What did hard working people have to do in order for you to have clothes, shoes, food and everything you know as a basic, abundant resource. How much time and dedication was put toward everything that you barely bat an eye at?


Life was not and will never been seen as fair. The best we can do as a good global citizen is call out those who try to cheat others and profit off of their contributions to society.

When my feet touch American soil, the first thing I will do is throw out everything I do not need and start over with a fresh mind and point view of view…after a long awaited shower.