Street Academy goes to Guatemala: Day Three

Day Three: Fun Day!

By: Nayeli Reynoso


So today, we started off with breakfast and some free time. Later we went to La Choza Chula to learn how they make their bracelets. After that we got on a boat to go see turtles and a salt farm.


One thing that was really shocking, was how salt was made in Guatemala. I was most proud when my peers and I were all open to pushing the boat.  And we all did! The most inspiring people I met were the girls and boys who made the bracelets. I could barely handle doing one bracelet, while my knuckles were hurting. I wonder how they do it!


After today, I feel inspired to go home and start my own salt farm. Also to help the kids that need a playground, by painting a mural there. I feel as though, this trip is teaching me how to be more resourceful and appreciative of the things I have.