Street Academy goes to Guatemala: Day Four!

Day Four: Environment!

By: Julianna Martinez


Today I learned that when you have community involved in important global issues, it goes a long way. It is also more effective. Something that suprised me was that we planted 10,000 mangrove seeds, all while having fun and being productive. I’m very proud of everything my peers did and went through: starting with pushing through this dramatic heat, being respectful of others beliefs, open-minded when it comes to new experiences.


A couple of things that resonate with me were the grabage and drug issues. These issues resonate with me because many people in my community and El Paredon litter a lot, so garbage piles everywhere. Also, the students in El Paredon community stated that youth do drugs, so therefore this resonates because many people in my community struggle with the same issue.


I would challenge myself and my community to be more responsible and open-minded with the actions we choose that can be changed. Such as constant consuming, littering and using cars for small errands.