Street Academy goes to Guatemala! Day One

Our first full day in Guatemala was packed!  After a beautiful breakfast of pancakes, eggs, beans and tortillas, our host Alex, from La Choza Chula showed us around El Paredon. We learned about the origins of his organization and how it was formed to helped the local community remain in the community despite the current influx of tourism.


After our tour we talked about sustainable development and the U.N.’s millinium development goals. La Choza Chula focuses on the goal of education.  They have helped the community build a school and library.  They are currently helping the community to become more environmentally sustainable too!



We had an AMAZING lunch then quickly got back to work.  We met students from the secondary school and discussed with them community problems we each face.  El Paredon struggles with maintaining it’s natural beauty. We shared our struggles with gentrification, drug addiction, and access to health care.


All in all, it was a great day. I am happy to hear my students share what they think is important to them.  I am happy to hear how much they are laughing. Tons of giggling! My hope is that they can take this experience home with them and become better citizens.  Everyday they will ask themselves “How can I think and act like a global citizen?” I am hoping their answers take shape at home, at Street Academy.  I hope they can bring this experience to their classmates, families and friends and engage our local community in finding solutions to global issues!


Stay tuned for more fun and social change!