Principal Pick – September 11, 2017


Asem is in her 3rd year of high school and she is working very hard to make this year her last.  She has a 3.5 G.P.A. She took 3 classes at Laney this summer and passed them all with A’s & B’s. Asem is one of a kind!  She demonstrates kindness to others on a consistent basis and knows how to respectfully disagree and express her points of view to contribute positively to classroom academic discussion.  Last school year she began volunteering to attend our School Site Council meetings to lend her voice to overall school improvement.  She asked for nothing in return and continued her service into this school year.  Asem’s creativity is demonstrated not only through her impeccable sense of fashion but on our school walls, too!  Please take a moment to recognize and appreciate the colorful bulletin boards at the front entrance of the school which serves to remind us of our school’s Core Values and what it means to practice being our best selves each time we step into the building. Three cheers for Asem, a true Zapatista and scholar.