Political Action Opportunities


In line with our value in Social Justice, to graduate from Street Academy, students must complete sixty (60) hours of Political Action.

Opportunities are regularly shared through CTM and below.


HELP Defend Indigenous Rights and our water, land, air, climate from ETP pipelines!
Host or Attend an event to #StopETP on 9/9!
You may recognize Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) as the notorious company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. And now, across the United States, ETP is destroying land, polluting air and water, and violating human rights to build nearly a half dozen new massive crude oil and gas pipelines. On Saturday, September 9th, communities everywhere are standing up to #StopETP. Will you join us?

Sign up NOW to host OR Attend an action on September 9th in your community!

ETP bullies and buys its way through poor rural communities and indigenous treaty lands. Its lust for profit cuts every corner to build pipelines as fast as possible, destroying sacred sites, poisoning water, and putting thousands of lives at risk along the way. While constructing the Rover and Mariner East Pipelines, ETP has spilled millions of gallons of toxic fluids, collapsed roadways, caused landslides, and destroyed historic sites.

That’s why we must rise up to #StopETP. Click HERE to host action on September 9th!

Join an action on the front lines or in your home town. Communities are organizing actions along the routes of the Rover Pipeline, Bayou Bridge, Dakota Access, Trans-Pecos, and Mariner East pipelines. Rally, march, sit-in, or come up with your own creative action to support front line communities and the rights of your own communities to say NO to these dangerous and destructive pipelines!