ESLR – Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Academic Achievement

Analytical Thinkers and Effective Communicators who:

  1. Speak confidently in public
  2. Demonstrate competent use of computers and technology.
  3. Research, analyze and present information in an efficient and professional manner.
  4. Critically analyze and evaluate literature, poetry and other media.
  5. Use their knowledge of scale and proportion to analyze social and global issues.
  6. Investigate the natural world and their role in it.
  7. Master the basic skills necessary to succeed in college and career.

Community Involvement

Effective Community Leaders who:

  1. Participate in the struggle for social and racial justice and improving their community.
  2. Analyze social and global issues.


Responsible Individuals who:

  1. Are knowledge about the education and career opportunities available to them.
  2. Assess their needs and apply appropriate strategies to solve their problems.
  3. Use effective goal setting strategies and actively work to achieve those goals.
  4. Understand how actions, or lack of actions, affect oneself, others and the community.



Collaborative Team Builders who:

  1. Develop their own worldview and are aware and respectful of other views.
  2. Support peers and younger generations to become academically and socially responsible.


Respectful Individuals who:

  1. Interaction positively and resolve conflict in nonviolent ways.
  2. Contribute to a safe, supportive and peaceful environment by practicing self-awareness and empathy.
  3. Struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia and oppression of all kinds.